KDE 4 translation

I have finally started translating KDE. That was my wish for a long time. But now I have the time to do it. I want to put Slovenian translation team, into first 20 🙂 ( we’re 27th now). It’s quite easy to translate. First you download a file. Then you put it through SMART. Then you diff the file from SMART with the original file, and for the last part, you go through the file in text editor, to select one of multiple SMART translations and to remove, text added by SMART.


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Fish fillets translation

I have got CVS commit acces for Fish fillets. This means that translations could be more up to date.

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I have again started to translate Fish fillets. This time I plan to finish it. Because it is written in lua I have written a script that converts lua files to *pot files which are normally used  for translations. If anyone needs  the script  I ‘ll send it. It is in PHP and bash.

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xmltv grabber

I have Mythtv now and I’m using xmltv_prisma for german programs ( In Slovenia most programs are German. We only have 4 Slovene). And my php script that fetches data from TV3, Gets xmltv from phazer for Discovery channel, National Geographic and Animal planet. And fetches xmltv from vidmar.net for Slo 1 Slo2, Pop TV and Kanal A. And now I have TV guide for all my TV programs.

It would be great if I could get TV guide from Siol’s page, because they have everything.

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Round borders

There was a call for making round borders in CSS.

I created round borders using this tutorial. Here is the finished thing.

I am not CSS expert but I can help if you’ll need help in the future for the site.

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Long time no post

From my last post a lot of things happened. I have translated update to Frozen bubble. School page was online some times. But then offline again because it isn’t finished yet. I still haven’t found time to learn C++. Webpage for german is finished, school newspaper will be finished soon. Page for English must go through code review and then it wil be online.

Some other very nice things happened to me also and thanks to person who is responsible for them. But those are not computer related.

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Frozen bubble 2

This week I made some final fixes to Frozen-bubble translation and today at 19 (UTC+2) frozen bubble was released with my translation. I am quite proud. 🙂 My next translated game will be SuperTux, because it is already translated around 97% I have to only translate the hardest strings.

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