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Slovenian SuperTux Translation in SVN

My SuperTux translation is in SVN. Currently SuperTux is translated only 97% in slovenian, but I'll do my best to rise this number to 100% and today at 18:08 commit 3700 was done with this message:

Adding Slovenian translation. Thanks and credit go to Marko Burjek.

It was commited by groundwater and big thanks goes to him. If you want to test it you can do SVN checkout:

svn checkout svn:// and then






Then you can start it from current folder ./supertux, but first backup your settings in ~./.supertux, because SVN version has a little different config format. Please know that these is development version so bugs are quite normal.

Milestone 2 looks very promising and after I played SVN levels I think that this release will be great when it will be finished. The most annoying thing in Supertux Milestone 1 IMHO was that you couldn't go back in level. This is fixed in SVN. I don't know about stable versions.


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Lack of sleep

Last week was really crazy, I had almost finished school website, and todo that I have worked untill 2 o'clock in the morning. I don't know why I can work only from 22 PM to 2 AM. Then Friday came I got to sleep at 23:30 and on Saturday I got up at 2:30, because at 4 AM I went to Gardaland. I couldn't sleep on the bus. In Gardaland it was really nice and we had a really wonderfull time. Only one person was missing that these would be perfect trip. At 23:38 we went from Gardaland back to home, and I haven't slept much, because there was so little space between the seats. We came home at 6 AM. I went to sleep as soon as I came home, and I got up at 9:48. And I am not really tired. But now I hope that I'll sleep more.

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The Football world cup

I am not big football fan, I am only a geek, but If you are big football fan and you are a Geek, there is something for you. If your boss doesn’t have TV subscription. If you don’t live in UK where Worldcup is broadcasted on Internet. Some Austrians Geeks have made telnet broadcast in ASCII.

ASCII broadcasted FootballIf you close your eyes a little you can normally see players and the ball. It’s quite amusing and I feel very geekish 😛

UPDATE: Austrians not Australians. Stupid me

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Bad day

Today was a very bad day. It started quite normal. I went to bed at three o'clock AM, because I was finishing school webpage. I got up at 7:45 and turned on computer. Webpage worked as normal and everything was OK. Then it was time to me to go to school and I zipped everything in the folder "expandable-meni". Everything seemed ok. Then I closed Kate and logoff. Then I went to school. In the school I opened webpage from my home computer and it showed errors that php/functions was not found. WTF? I thought. Then I SSHed to home computer and cd-ed to expandable-meni where I did ls folder. Folder php didn't existed.

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Hebrew error

While I was programming logout part of school website in PHP I got strange error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /xxx/logout.php on line 3

After some Googling I found even more interesting thing: I did a search and found it used as the keyword for a french PHP manual entry, apparently "PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM" means "two colons" ( : : ) in Hebrew. Hmm

But the strangest thing of all is that I don't have any colons in my code:

setcookie("cookie","", time()-(COOKIETIME*60));
unset(USERNAME);//Here is line 3

So now it seems that It isn't enough to speak english if you want to program, you have to speak Hebrew too. With this strange errors who said that programming isn't fun? 🙂

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I tried to install MS DOS on my Laptop, but it didn't find the disk. Then i tried with FreeDOS and it didn't find the disk too. It seems that something is wrong with it. I took the disk out from the laptop clean it and put it back, but still there is no OS that could find the disk. And I thought that I was so close, but now I am so far away. 😦

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New Laptop

I have got new laptop from my grandfather. It has 60 MB harddisk and 3 MB of RAM. It's Hyundai Neuron with black & white screen. My new hyundai laptop

I am now trying to put Linux on it. But all installations untill now are failed.

I tried with Mulinux and it has booted, but after framebuffer nothing more happened. I tried with Smallinux but after loading of kernel some strange characters started floating on the screen. Seems like my laptop would like to play in Matrix movie. Now I have tried with ELKS, and I got to the login prompt, but the password and username is uknown to me.

If I don't manage to install Linux I will try with something other, like OS/2, BSD. Anythink that can run VIM. 🙂 Any suggestions?

UPDATE: login is root and no password. I had to connect my PC keyboard to laptop because some keys don't have any feedback in elks. Linux can be put on laptop. Horray. 🙂
I'll keep you updated.

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