Strange window in Firefox

I am making new webpage for my school and part of this is web UI for adding pages.This was this box Yesterday I was making the UI and when I clicked on the link for a fraction of a second some box showed up in Firefox, just before Firefox showed the page. I have asked a friend If he has seen the box and he wasn't. I thought I was crazy. But after some time I could filmed this strange thing with my camera. And then patiently and after many tries I could make a screenshot too. What was that?

Around 1 o'clock in the morining I found out that in this box was everything I have written in input. But it is still strange why did he show up. Anybody knows? Is this a bug? I have never had so much fun with any other bug ;). If for nothing else it was quite amusing finding out what was written on box which showed up only fraction of a second. And I am still amazed that I could read the box. :O



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