Vista Public beta 2

When I today read the rss feeds in my Akregator. I read that Microsoft has released Windows Vista Beta 2 to public. I am quite happy now with Gentoo and XGL, but you have to look what competitiors are doing. So I tried to download it. And the speed is awesome 10 kB/s if I am lucky. But my download speed is 800 kB/s so it seems that servers are really overloaded. The strange thing is that I can download faster Linux ISOs, from BT, because distributors know what BT is for, than Vista Beta from MS. Microsoft could at least provide md5sums that you could check if your ISO is undamaged. I hope speed will rise when slashdot effects will end.

UPDATE: Now it seems that load is lower because spide has risen to 300 kB/s.

UPDATE 2: It is finished now The biggest speed was 726 kB/s.


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