New Laptop

I have got new laptop from my grandfather. It has 60 MB harddisk and 3 MB of RAM. It's Hyundai Neuron with black & white screen. My new hyundai laptop

I am now trying to put Linux on it. But all installations untill now are failed.

I tried with Mulinux and it has booted, but after framebuffer nothing more happened. I tried with Smallinux but after loading of kernel some strange characters started floating on the screen. Seems like my laptop would like to play in Matrix movie. Now I have tried with ELKS, and I got to the login prompt, but the password and username is uknown to me.

If I don't manage to install Linux I will try with something other, like OS/2, BSD. Anythink that can run VIM. šŸ™‚ Any suggestions?

UPDATE: login is root and no password. I had to connect my PC keyboard to laptop because some keys don't have any feedback in elks. Linux can be put on laptop. Horray. šŸ™‚
I'll keep you updated.


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  1. Mariano Noriega said

    Hello, could you send to my e-mail ( the scans (or PDF) of the user’s guide?, I need it badly. I’m from Argentina and i can’t get a copy of this manual, Thanks.

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