I tried to install MS DOS on my Laptop, but it didn't find the disk. Then i tried with FreeDOS and it didn't find the disk too. It seems that something is wrong with it. I took the disk out from the laptop clean it and put it back, but still there is no OS that could find the disk. And I thought that I was so close, but now I am so far away. 😦



  1. Marc said

    Why are you installing MS DOS in 2006?

  2. mabu said

    I tried with MS DOS because it’s an OS from Microsoft and I thought if DOS wouldn’t support harddisk nothing will.

    I tried with Linux and Freedos as well, but none of them support this harddisk. Do you have any idea what can I install on a laptop with 3 MB RAM and 60 MB harddisk and 24 Mhz processor. Laptop was made in 1992.

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