Slovenian SuperTux Translation in SVN

My SuperTux translation is in SVN. Currently SuperTux is translated only 97% in slovenian, but I'll do my best to rise this number to 100% and today at 18:08 commit 3700 was done with this message:

Adding Slovenian translation. Thanks and credit go to Marko Burjek.

It was commited by groundwater and big thanks goes to him. If you want to test it you can do SVN checkout:

svn checkout svn:// and then






Then you can start it from current folder ./supertux, but first backup your settings in ~./.supertux, because SVN version has a little different config format. Please know that these is development version so bugs are quite normal.

Milestone 2 looks very promising and after I played SVN levels I think that this release will be great when it will be finished. The most annoying thing in Supertux Milestone 1 IMHO was that you couldn't go back in level. This is fixed in SVN. I don't know about stable versions.


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