Status report

It was long since my last blogpost. I have written it last school day. Since then a lot of things has happened. I went to the sea, which was great. The weather and everything.

When I got home I started working on rewriting page for english exercises, which I am doing for english teacher at school, and because I wanted to learn a little MySQL :). In two weeks the page is at almost the same stage as it was at the end of school year. Only adding exercises doesn’t work yet.

Today I again started working on tv_grab_sl, which will hopefully be XMLTV grabber for Slovenia. Currently I am writing it in PHP, because it is the language I know the most. After some hours it outputs valid XMLTV file,with data from, but times aren’t quite right :). ANd some shows are 23 hours long. When PHP grabber will be finished I’ll try to port it to Python or Ruby.


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