Installing Leadteak Winfast 2000 XP in Linux(Gentoo)

I decided that I should buy TV Tuner card. First I have done some googling, which ones are well supported under Linux. I found out that Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 is good supported and even has a hardware encoder. I decided I should buy it. But then I found out that in Slovenia it is impossible to get it. I googled for more informations about the card and found out, that it can be only used with PVR programs like Mythtv and Freevo and I would like to watch TV with normal programs like, tvtime, kdetv and Xawtv too. So then I googled for different card and found Leadteak Winfast 2000 XP, which can be bought in Slovenia.

I have bought it and now the interesting part starts. First howto install it. Physically was not a problem, and then start of a system. CD to kernel source, I have choosen the right modules, recompiled the kernel and loaded the modules. Then I have started TVtime, First I have to choose which system should Tvtime use. I knew only that Slovenia uses Pal, but then there war at least 4 PAL options. I have chosen one and searched for channels. None of the channels had good picture. I tried with other programs and it was the same. Googled a lot but found nothing. When it was 3 AM I went to bed. In the morning I have brought TV from the living room and connect it to the cable. The picture was equally bad. What a relief, so the TV card must be fine installed. I then brought the PC to Living room to connect it directly to the cable and there the picture was fine. I have found out that here in SLovenia we use PAL-I at least there the frequencies are the same as in the paper we got from the cable provider. But strangely on PAL-N the picture is sometimes better on the same channel. When we moved cable a little the picture was good in my room to, and even the sound is working. Now the only thing left to do is the remote control. Because now only number buttons and Enter works.

I have tried to load lirc module and the problem is it looks for driver bttv for the TV card, but my card uses driver cx88xx, because chips were changed. Maybe even remote will work after some fidling.


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