Slovenian XMLTV grabber

Today I have finished 1st part of my XMLTV grabber. It fetches data from and creates nice XMLTV feed. With only names of the shows and times. It is written in PHP and vecer is parsed with regular expressions. It is written in PHP for now, because PHP is the language I know the most. I’ll rewrite it in PERL if I have time. If anyone wants it write me. The code is very ugly but it works 🙂



  1. Marko Kukovec said


    Želel bi imeti “Slovenian XMLTV grabber” skripto. Kako se uporablja? Kako periodično zaganjati PHP skripto?


  2. xmltv grabber

    Slovenian TV grabber is finnaly finished

  3. christooss said

    Kje pa se ga da dobit?

    Where can I get it?


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