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I am third year student in grammar school. I like computers and Linux. My primary PC runs Gentoo with KDE and occasionaly XGL. In my free time I am programming webpages in PHP, I try to make standards based sites with xhtml and CSS, but I still don’t have my own webpage :(. When I have a lot of free time(This usually when I had to learn for exam 😉 ) I am translating OSS programs to Slovenian. I have already translated Monkey bubbles but I couldn’t find a mantainer. So I didn’t have anybody to send the translation to, and so I am the only one who has it. Last year I started translating Fish fillets but then I switched distro from ubuntu to Gentoo and I kind of lost the passion 😉 . And I hope I’ll finish translation this year. I was translating Pingus too and it is almost finished but it doesn’t support any charset with “čšž” so I have kept the translation. I have translated some strings in Tellico and basKet too and now I am translating SVN version of SuperTux. Which I try to keep current with the SVN. I have translated frozen-bubble in Slovenian, version with localization support isn’t out yet and I don’t know when will it be.
This summer I hope I’ll find time to learn C++, that I could give back something to the community, which made programs I use for my work everyday. Thank you guys 🙂


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  1. The topic is quite hot in the net at the moment. What do you pay the most attention to while choosing what to write ?

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