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Long time no post

From my last post a lot of things happened. I have translated update to Frozen bubble. School page was online some times. But then offline again because it isn’t finished yet. I still haven’t found time to learn C++. Webpage for german is finished, school newspaper will be finished soon. Page for English must go through code review and then it wil be online.

Some other very nice things happened to me also and thanks to person who is responsible for them. But those are not computer related.


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Status report

It was long since my last blogpost. I have written it last school day. Since then a lot of things has happened. I went to the sea, which was great. The weather and everything.

When I got home I started working on rewriting page for english exercises, which I am doing for english teacher at school, and because I wanted to learn a little MySQL :). In two weeks the page is at almost the same stage as it was at the end of school year. Only adding exercises doesn’t work yet.

Today I again started working on tv_grab_sl, which will hopefully be XMLTV grabber for Slovenia. Currently I am writing it in PHP, because it is the language I know the most. After some hours it outputs valid XMLTV file,with data from, but times aren’t quite right :). ANd some shows are 23 hours long. When PHP grabber will be finished I’ll try to port it to Python or Ruby.

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Lack of sleep

Last week was really crazy, I had almost finished school website, and todo that I have worked untill 2 o'clock in the morning. I don't know why I can work only from 22 PM to 2 AM. Then Friday came I got to sleep at 23:30 and on Saturday I got up at 2:30, because at 4 AM I went to Gardaland. I couldn't sleep on the bus. In Gardaland it was really nice and we had a really wonderfull time. Only one person was missing that these would be perfect trip. At 23:38 we went from Gardaland back to home, and I haven't slept much, because there was so little space between the seats. We came home at 6 AM. I went to sleep as soon as I came home, and I got up at 9:48. And I am not really tired. But now I hope that I'll sleep more.

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New blog

I have finally created my new blog and I hope I'll write something in it.

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